US is Here to the Rescue With Heating and Furnace Repair

Heat is a basic comfort. And when it’s absent, it is very difficult to even go about daily household chores. If you’re a business owner, you probably already know it can negatively impact the inhabitants of your building.

While you may be dealing with a total breakdown, not all signs that you need a heat pump, mini split or furnace repair are obvious. If anything on this list is happening to your system, then your feeling that you should seek out an HVAC company is correct:

  • Strange, unfamiliar noises.

  • Uneven heating.

  • Yellow pilot light (furnace).

  • Unexplained change in indoor air quality.

  • Mismatched thermostat reading.

  • Unusually high electric bill.

  • Wet patches on lawn (geothermal system).

  • Cold air.

Some of these signs may indicate that a replacement is necessary, which we can also assist you with.

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