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Enjoy the Benefits of Ductless Mini Split Installation

Need a high-tech but low maintenance way to save money and reap both heating and cooling benefits? Try a ductless mini split!

A ductless mini split is a small heating and cooling unit installed on your wall that can be controlled with a remote. It has an outdoor condenser that attaches through the wall. Though small, the benefits are great. US Heating and Air Conditioning can provide a product in Central Ohio that will last for years providing those benefits for both residential and commercial needs.

Five Advantages Specific to a Ductless Mini Split

Ductless mini splits aren’t just for those without ducts–they have many benefits for everyone.

  • Money Savings – This is a big reason for many people. Mini splits operate on less power and only heat or cool rooms that need it.

  • Flexible Solutions – You can target specific rooms for your comfort preferences.

  • Easy Installation – The installation process with US Heating and Air Conditioning is very quick. The only change to your home will be a hole about three inches wide, enabling you to enjoy your system without ever having to rebuild walls.

  • Lowered Carbon Footprint – The refrigerant a mini split uses won’t deplete the ozone, and they follow Energy Star guidelines.

  • Better Indoor Air Quality – Air ducts can spread dust and allergens around the building through the air. By using ducts less or not at all, you will have better IAQ.

Make the Upgrade With a Ductless Mini Split From US Heating and Air Conditioning

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US Heating and Air Conditioning has been a familiar name for HVAC services in Ohio for over 40 years. As ductless technology has evolved, our HVAC experts have kept up-to-date. We are known for fast and easy professional services, products and advice.

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