Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit & Enjoy Cooling You Can Count On

Replacing an air conditioning unit can be overwhelming. On top of living with the compromised cooling from your old system, you’re suddenly burdened with options you didn’t even know existed. What is the significance of SEER? What is variable speed? And to start with, what are the signs you need an AC replacement?

US Heating and Air Conditioning is here in Central Ohio to simplify these considerations. Living up to our reputation for being easy to do business with, we can set you up with professional installation of the product of your choice in no time.

Signs an AC Replacement is Your Next Move

Before looking at the signs, ask yourself how old your unit is. If it’s older than 10 years, it is probably showing signs of old age. A replacement is a good idea. You also might need a replacement if you notice:

  • Your home is too warm or humid.

  • You call for repairs often.

  • Energy bills are too high.

  • The unit’s repairs are too expensive.

Noticing Signs Your AC Needs a Replacement? Call Today!

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Brand & System Offerings

We can bring you the features and systems you’re looking for, including:

  • High SEER – A higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio usually means a more efficient unit.

  • Variable Speed – This provides better airflow control, resulting in better efficiency and air quality.

  • Heat Pump – A heat pump is used for both heating and cooling.

  • Mini Split – We can provide you with this ductless heating and cooling option.

  • Geothermal – Ready to take the eco-friendly plunge? We can help!

We also offer standard central air conditioners and quality options in Amana, Goodman and Daiken.

Licensed and well-trained, we’re also on time every time. Call US Heating and Air Conditioning at 614-888-7332!