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Indoor Air Quality

indoor airWhen it comes to indoor air quality, everyone agrees a cleaner indoor environment is better for overall health. Many allergies, asthma and hay fever symptoms can be relieved by your system’s ability to remove irritating dust, pollens and molds from circulating air.

Air Duct Cleaning
U.S. Heating & Air Conditioning’s air duct cleaning will eliminate molds, mildews, smoke odors and other bacteria from your home or business, thus allowing a healthier environment for your family/employees. Regular air duct cleaning will enhance the performance of your air/heating equipment and will save you money on your heating/cooling cost.

Germicidal Ultraviolet (UV) light
Ultraviolet light possesses just the right amount of energy to break organic molecular bonds as micro-organisms pass by the ultraviolet rays radiated from the UV lamp. This bond breakage translates into cellular or genetic damage for micro-organisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi (like molds), etc. It reduces mold, viruses & bacteria that trigger disease and allergies. Children, the elderly and those with depressed immune systems benefit from fewer health challenges You have peace of mind knowing you have provided a healthier environment for your family

Digital Programmable Thermostats for Comfort
State-of-the-art, “friendly,” energy saving computerized thermostats provide for your customized needs. Fingertip programming allows you to adjust features for additional energy savings. Displays indoor and outdoor humidity and outdoor temperature so that you can control your indoor enviroment.

Power & Steam Humidification Feature
An environment of dry, harsh air can make you uncomfortable as well as damaging wood furniture and personal items. By choosing to activate a humidifier, you can successfully manipulate indoor air to be more comfortable and less irritating.

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