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Commercial Installation

As a company we realize that your needs are different than residential customers. Our lease/finish options allow U.S. Heating & Air Conditioning to provide customized systems to maximize space and comfort. Your energy savings and employee satisfaction are paramount when we design your individualized system.

Retro-fit Modernization of Existing Systems
As needs change, high efficiency systems allow for upgrades to more appropriate equipment. U.S. Heating & Air Conditioning keeps pace with developing technology to provide only the best for customers.

Scheduled Inspection Visits
We realize the importance of time to our commercial customers. Our Preventive Maintenance Program provides for “time efficiency” when we regularly check your system. Our comfort specialists ensure preventative measures are taken thus lowering the chance of costly breakdowns. By utilizing U.S. Heating & Air Conditioning’s Preventive Maintenance Program, you can lower your heating and cooling bills, minimize risk of major failure, extend equipment life, receive comprehensive tune-ups, minimize emergency service and give yourself peace of mind that U.S. Heating & Air Conditioning will give you quick, professional service.

Repairs Guaranteed to Last!
Because of our full-service approach to customers, we provide ultimate attention to detail for each and every repair. You can rely on U.S. Heating & Air Conditioning to keep a large inventory of parts to provide you with a speedy recovery!

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